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is a highly competitive migration company with an excellent reputation for achieving successful outcomes to the satisfaction of our clients. We understand our clients changing needs and traditional expectations of service and have staff who are enthusiastic, progressive and dynamic in the way they approach and undertake our client application.

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How can we help you?

Ferguson Education can assist you with Enrolment at a University or Institute in Australia or New Zealand, Visa application processing, Accommodation arrangements Airport pickups and Job placement.

Step by Step Process

Here at Ferguson Education, we make sure that your Application is processed on the Visa and Enrolment processing is as smooth as possible, making it stress free for you… 

No Visa, No Fee

At Ferguson Education Group, we want our clients to feel “Safe and Secure” through their Student Visa application process. Ferguson Education Group is proud to do this through our “No Visa, No Fee” Policy. 

What our clients say


My name is Nirvana. I am from Lautoka, and I attended Natabua High School. Currently I am studying at NZSTT which is located in Auckland. I am doing Diploma in Travel and Tourism which is really interesting and enjoyable at the same time. The staff and management at NZSTT is really helpful and understanding. The students are also very cooperative and friendly. It is multiracial school where you also learn other traditions and customs. We have students from India, Russia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Slovenia, and of course the New Zealanders.So, if you have a chance to come, don’t miss it or you will regret it !!!
FERGUSON CONSULTANTS will support you all the way. They are the Best!

Asenaca Ledua

Asenaca Ledua… of Dudley High, Suva…FIJI Completed studies in Diploma of Tourism & Travel Management at Going Places Institute, Christchurch

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